Pure Essential Oils

PURE ESSENTIAL OILS – These Essential Oils derive from plants and as we know they are electro magnetic – SO ARE OUR BODIES.  It stands to reason then that using natural remedies from plants that have the same properties as our bodies is a no brainer.  Using Chemicals to treat symptoms is not beneficial for our HEALTH. Unfortunately because – in my opinion – the overuse of chemical products to treat simple symptoms has caused our bodies to become immune to them and that is being reported through the media so it is not a new theory.

Lavender for instance is a great product to use for burns and using PURE LAVENDER OIL reduces scarring and in some cases scarring is non existant.  It is also great in a diffuser as is THIEVES – THIEVES in a diffuser throughout the winter months kills airborne bacteria and in my office is a must.  Another PURE ESSENTIAL OIL that I use is IMMUNE POWER.  Two or three drops in a diffuser lasts for a long time and the benefits are immense.  This last winter season while everyone around me came down with the flu I had a sore throat for a day or so but realistically I avoided the really brutal attacks that most people around me suffered.  I highly recommend PURE ESSENTIAL OILS for a range of ailments and over the coming days and weeks will be putting out a newsletter so if you want more information please contact me at




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