Private Development/Construction/Leasing Finance

Due to the reluctance of the banks to lend to Developers and or Builders it has created a niche for Private Investors to step into the gap.  We are able to offer Private Development/Construction/Leasing Finance to Developers of major projects from AUS$1 million up.  While the interest may not be as attractive as the banks offer there are less restrictions and time constraints.  We offer end-to-end solutions to challenges that Developers and Builders face.  Higher LVR’s are based on Gross Realisation Value, we have faster Turnaround times.  No pre-sales requirements needed for qualifying projects and we offer tailored funding.  As well as all this we also offer Cost Effective Equipment Leasing.  We offer the complete package and we work with you to ease you through the process with less stress and more one on one assistance.

WE ARE NOT BROKERS and this service is for Australian Clients Only.

If you would like to discuss your requirements further please contact Carol at