As a consultant it is refreshing and rewarding to be able to offer help to those seeking it and I have had many many opportunities in the past and especially over the last couple of years to consult with some very high   profile movers, shakers and innovators.

As a consultant it is important to listen to the client and really understand what they are trying to achieve and working with them to achieve THEIR desired outcome, not mine.  We are all different and we are all looking at challenges and issues from a different angle so the importance of listening is paramount.

Consultancy costs are always negotiable so that nothing is ever out of the realm of possibility however people who need or want this service often find the cost prohibitive.  We do hope that you are not afraid to ask questions and ascertain for yourself whether what is on offer is worth the price. 

Having said that there are some consultancies that do not cost.   Those areas include Private Development/Construction/Leasing finance, Mortgage Reduction Strategies and the newest of these is the Green Energy program which will enable both business and private homes to come of the electricity grid and become TOTALLY SELF SUFFICIENT. 

It costs NOTHING   to ask questions so please feel free to do so. We can be contacted at :-