About Me

Hi, my name is Carol Snooks and I started my working life working behind the counter of a Woolworths store as a shop attendant.  It was a short period and I was soon employed as a Outward Shipping Clerk, with a small Shipping and Customs agent company, doing all the bookings for cargo being shipped out of the local port.  I relieved on the switchboard and stepped into the role of import clerk when that member of the company was on holidays.  I started at this company when I was 15yo and before I turned 16yo I was heading up the Outwatd Shipping Department and took on the role of typing  manifests for overland trucks transporting goods from one end of the country to the other.  During this period my leisure time was spent building a singing career with a girlfriend and we began singing in the pubs and clubs.  We made a trip interstate to seek further tuition, which being expensive, necessitated getting a job.  I worked for an major Insurance Company handling their switchboard with about 80 incoming lines and over 100 extensions – very interesting and consuming.  The singing    career was short lived and returning to my home town I took up a position as Manager of a local Mens Wear Store, running the office and controlling the stock room and from there was secretary to a Private Detective, worked in an advertising agency as PA to the owner, moved to a business machine supply business where I was also PA to the owner of the company.  After marriage I worked as a comptometer operator with a major Department Store until the birth of my first child.  During my second pregnancy I work for a major Oil Company in their finance department in Melbourne and on my return to my home State of Western Australia retired temporarily to have two more children.  Returning to work when my third child was 9 months old I worked for a major company supplying the mining industry, as secretary to the office manager and processing and ordering all spare parts for our machines working in the North West of Western Australia and managing the invoicing and accounts.  I left that position on a Monday to give birth to my 4th child but was back at work two (2) weeks later in order to assist the new secretary to cope with the work load.  After moving to Sydney I worked in several high profile positions before launching out into my own enterprises which saw me travelling and working worldwide most of my entrepreneurial skills were utilised in the United States. 

I now have several entities that claim my time and energy, from online ventures to consultancy, teaching, writing books, tourism ventures, Green Energy programs, mortgage reduction strategies, private development funding, mentoring and endeavouring to pass on my insights and help to any who need or ask for help.